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Understanding the customer high level requirements, CENTRIS propose Web based Time & Attendance System. The new web based biometric machine installed in every branch and connected to central server through internet. Web based biometric machine configured with attendance software for employee and leave which automatically post the data to the Centralized Server. The system will generate business related reports for records and help support decision making

Web based time and attendance system ensure data updation to the centralized system on real-time with lag of 1~2mins based on the connectivity. Data upload are streamlined without any discrepancy. Employees have to be registered for first time on machines specific to his work locations.

System H/w & S/w Requirements:

  • - Static IP
  • - Web based Biometric machines
  • - eAttendancePRO(Time &Attendance Management System

Web based time and attendance system


eAttendancePRO architecture was developed to support the employeetime and attendance management for various business. CENTRIS follow the hybrid model implementation hence, eAttendancePRO software can bedesigned and customized to meet the real-time business need of our customer. The software is designed to keeping in further process automation requirement of the business. The system architecture is modular in design keeping in mind the scalability of automation within the company.Below is the high level architecture of theeAttendancePRO build structure.

Software Architecture

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