CERP Software Solutions, a Company since 2009, born to offer Complete Automation Services in the Academic sector with a difference. It’s our experience, an innovative software that take care of complete automation of an institution in a cost effective manner is a dream in our Indian villages and remote places.

We believe, our country need Automation Process to innovate the education industry as a whole, so as to build a healthy generation to lead our country to face the global competition. CERP focus is to address the need of a Centralized Software Solution to connect  all the 4 stakeholders of the institutions:

  • Management,
  • Students,
  • Teachers, and,
  • Parents

CERP Product Domains:

  • Academic institutions
  • HRMS
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Security Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking


    • Helping the institution & its students to grow Digitally
    • Non competing Products Quality
    • Non competing Pricing model

  • Under one roof offering all services on subscription model
  • Remote Online support, minimizing human dependency

CERP offer Total Automation Solutions covering-

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • GPS tracking
  • RFID… under one roof

CERP offer both –

  • License model
  • CLOUD model (subscription model)
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